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Monday, July 15, 2013

Squared: Illumistrations Online Store!!

Not too long ago, the payment service Square (who has those white...umm, squares, used for mobile payments and stuff) created this online portal for small businesses to sell their products online.  And me as a "small business owner", with an employee of one, I jumped in on the opportunity to have my prints sold through them!  They're the same quality of prints as before (because I'm still personally doing the shipping and handling), but they're handling the heavy storefront lifting for me.  It should be relatively pain free ordering through my new online market, and it definitely makes my flow a lot simpler.

And if you still prefer to use the older method that I had with Paypal, that option is still there.  Just click the link at the top of my page called "Commissions & Prints" and it will take you right there.  Buy a print or two (or three!  You deserve it.)!

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