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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Heat & Sailor Moon

I always seem to update every other online space that I have first before updating my original Blogger blog...which is something that I definitely need to change.  I still find that this blog has a lot more information in it than my other spots like Tumblr, Facebook or even Google+, so this one definitely needs to remain a priority.  But since I've been gone, I've been doing a lot of sketching (and finalizing some illustrations).

The first one I did was definitely summer themed.  I think the whole idea for this one came from July 11, or 7/11...the day that 7 Eleven gives away free Slurpees.  Yeah...and with that said, this happened.

summer, heat, african american, woman, summer heat, illustration, drawing

And for no apparent reason, I wanted to draw Sailor Moon (yes, I know...again...).  But this time without her fellow Sailor Scouts.  And I wanted her to look more imposing, than the bumbling way she was depicted in the cartoon.  Initially when I first sketched her out, I wanted to do my own take of her costume and give her like a sailor themed coat and all this jazz, but it looked very cumbersome and too busy, so I nixed it all and started all over.  And this is what finally turned out, from sketch to colors.

african american, black, sailor moon, sketch, drawing, illustration
african american, black, sailor moon, racebent, art, drawing, illustration, artwork

Both of these illustrations are available as 11" x 17" prints.  The Summer Heat one, I'm thinking of doing a limited print, mainly because I need to fill out my portfolio, but if people actually like it, I will offer it more.  And don't forget to check out either my new Square hosted online store, or my other "store" hosted on this very blog!

Gotta keep that pencil busy.

Without Wax,


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