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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wind Wakin', Prince Saiyan, and Authority Hatin'

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything in here since July. I know its been a recurring theme of me saying that I need to update this space more, but I really, REALLY do. This needs to become my main spot on the internet, and have other things funnel away from here...until I transition to an actual hub page.

But since I've been gone...that doesn't mean that I haven't been drawing...

This first image is of Link from the Nintendo videogame, A Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, that was on the Nintendo Gamecube. That was by far my favorite game on the Gamecube...and I think that they should make a spiritual sequel to that game...and I'm not referring to Spirit Tracks or whatever else.

Link, along with Na'vi, using his trusty hookshot to get away from Phantom Ganon.

Next is Vegeta, of the popular anime, DragonBall Z. I sort of made a tutorial on how I did this image on my Tumblr page (I never really got around to finishing it). I need to do a complete tutorial on how I create, and subsequently, color my images...perhaps in a later post.

Prince Vegeta with the One-Star dragonball in front of Kame House.

And last but definitely not least, is Starscream from Transformers (the Generation 1 cartoon, not the movies). Besides Soundwave, and Devastator, Starscream was my favorite of the Transformers. His backstabbing attitude is hilarious to me. Something that came to my mind the other day though, was how in the cartoons, the Transformers were the main characters, and everyone knew ALL of their names...and no one really knew the names of the humans. But in the movies, the Transformers play a supporting role to Shai Lebeouf and whoever else they decide to cast along with him. Funny how a movie named Transformers has the actual Transformers playing a side role.

Starscream either plotting the overturn of the Autobots...or Megatron. Or Both.

Until next time...where I might actually post a process of how these get created! Maybe...

Without Wax,

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