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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The (Art) Drop

Every once in a while, there just needs to be an art drop with very little words to accompany said pictures. And thats what kind of post this is going to turn out to be.

But before we even begin the art drop, let me mention that Redux Deluxe is back!!
And will be back for good this time. After nearly a year-long hiatus, my graphic novel in progress is currently being updated. So please do me a solid and check it out! Its not everyday that you see comics and graphic novels about minority kids depicting them in a positive light without there being ignorance, profanity, or other stereotypes involved. And there's also anime/videogames/pop culture influences hopefully there's something there for everyone!

Enough with the self plugs on to the pics:

Since I've been working so hard on Redux Deluxe, I haven't had much time to draw anything really other than Redux Deluxe related stuff. I'm trying to work in some break time to draw other stuff...but commissions will always take a front seat to whatever else I'm working on (for the time being anyway). So if you would like to commission me for any artwork...whether its for logos, illustrations, pinups, posters, or whatever else...check out my Commissions page, or hit me up at Illumistrations(at)

Until next time!

Without Wax,

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