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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Watch Out!! Here Comes the Spiderman!

click picture for higher-res

I'm going to try and make posts for each individual drawing instead of lumping them all together in large posts of craziness...which means...I'll just have to post more. And honestly, thats what I should be (and will be doing) anyway.
Like I said before, most of the time I draw pictures not only because I think that something would look cool or I have an idea in my head, its more of a problem solving type thing like "how would I go about making that look right on paper (or screen)" or "I have no idea how to color that and make it look okay...", or sometimes its just that I learn something new in Photoshop and I need something to test it out on.
So basically, thats where this pic came from. I STILL need to work on backgrounds...that has to be my weakest point, but other than that, I'm kind of happy how this turned out. I got to practice drawing and coloring explosions, some color holds with the spider web (that was beyond tedious though, and some lighting and reflection which I always love to do. The picture is basically Spiderman going up against his usual selection of foes.
Top-right clockwise: Venom, Mysterio, Electro, Vulture, Green Goblin, Sandman and Doctor Octopus.

Thanks for looking!

Without Wax,

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