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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 2011 Weblog Awards Have Come And Gone...

...and I didn't win.

But please believe that I'm not sad or salty about it at all...actually far from it. I wasn't even aware that people actually checked out my blog, let alone felt that it was Black Weblog Award worthy. So that's a huge point of excitement for me! And to be named in the same category as O Hell Nawl, man, its just been an honor. I've been loving every second of it. I'm not seeing this as a major accomplishment...but more as be even better...and hopefully take that crown next year. In the coming year though, I have so much stuff planned, and I'm just trying to take myself, my brand (no matter how small it is) and my original ideas to new levels. Hopefully, I'll have my book published by the end of the year...and other things too.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Lets get to this art though!!

First up, is Fall Into The Gap. This one probably should have made my last post, but eh, it is what it is. Another summery type pic, of someone shopping at their favorite store on a sunny summer day.

The next, is Ebony Black, an ethnicity flip of the Disney character Snow White.

And by far my favorite, Ares, Female Goddess of War. This one definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and I learned a lot from doing this picture. I normally don't draw blood and gore...but I'm glad that it all came out well. I definitely plan on doing more Greek mythology soon as I clear my plate of some stuff first.

So, this year...was only a stepping stone.

Always gotta keep that pencil busy. Always.

Without Wax,


Miss Dre said...

I voted for you and I enjoy ur work :) These are awesome!

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Thanks for the vote, it definitely is very much appreciated. I'm glad that you enjoy my artwork, and I hope you continue to visit and show support!

MyDatinghangovers said...

To do what you do is great, to gain recognition and more followers to be nominated is awesome!

I can't wait to see more of the Greek mythology depictions.


Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Thanks!! Yeah, I definitely need to get on doing more of those Greek Mythology inspired pics...