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Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Madness

I can't believe that I haven't updated this blog in a little over a month. I really need to get back into this and update this blog on a regular basis. My tumblr is for the quick updates where there's little to no thought behind it...but this is my real main illustration/art blog...and I probably should treat it that way. But since I've been 'gone', the pencil and optical mouse has definitely been busy.

These next few drawings are mainly summer themed, and done on my larger 11"x17" pad. It definitely gives me much more room to work with and more opportunities to flesh out backgrounds and draw full figures as compared to my 8"x11" pad. And the first one is:

In The Park. The background is loosely based off of Central Park in New York. I guess this drawing is more 'spring' than 'summer', especially considering the blooming blossoms that are in the picture.

Sitting Up In My Room. This picture is mainly about those lazy summer nights, where its in between dusk and night, and the light just peeks through the blinds. And all you're really doing is just lounging on the bed, probably updating playlists or adding music to your favorite mp3 player, and zoning out.

The next few are actually the same picture, just at different times of the day. This is the Beach Bar. I guess its just a woman enjoying her tropical vacation, ordering drinks at the bar at the beach. The Night version is the one that I did first, and then I did the Sunset one afterwards. I changed some stuff slightly in the Sunset version, like shading, some of the base colors, and added other things like the wave splash in the background.

The main motivation for all of these pictures though was to practice some techniques and do some things that I'm not really comfortable doing. In the first picture, it was definitely backgrounds and having them separate from the main part of the picture, but still have it 'part of the picture', if that makes sense. I struggle with backgrounds in every single picture that I do, and I really need to get better with them. The second picture, it was all about light sources. I usually have the light source coming in either from the top left or right, but this time, I had it coming up from the bottom, and that definitely changes the way that things are illuminated. And I wanted to try and see if I could have light glowing behind the blinds and how it would look peeking through...I need to revisit that in another picture later on. And the last two, it was definitely about scenery, lighting, fire, and water...oh, and color holds. I wanted to have the foreground figure separated from the midground woman, and all of that separated from the background beach. And I have problems coloring glass as well as liquid, so all of that was a challenge.

Thats basically the motivation for a lot of my drawings recently; just trying to incorporate things that I'm not comfortable with or struggle with into drawings that I do...and hopefully to become better at them.

And as always...gotta keep that pencil/mouse busy.

Without Wax,

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