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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Failed (GN) Concepts

Everything doesn't always come out as great as you initially think it will in your mind. So is the story with my initial graphic novel. When I was making it, it didn't have an official name, so I just called it GN Concept. I had story boards worked up, a preliminary story and script, and even had close to 20 pages done before I scrapped it. I might post those, but I guess I have to do that soon huh, since its nearing the end of this experiment. I guess like my initial graphic novel, not everything works out how you envision them to.

Well anyways, my first novel involved too much...I was creating back stories for too many characters, and trying to create this whole universe that was solely held together in one book. I had people from other planets, super humans, everything...and it all came together to make this big mess. was a learning experience. Anyways, here's the concept art for one of the main characters of GN Concept. He was supposed to be a normal person until he put on an experimental suit which gave him powers when he wore it. But then something happened, and he had powers without the suit anymore, powers that were greater than what the suit initially gave him. Well, I don't want to bore you with particulars, so here is the basic outline I came up with...

Yeah, not too exciting without the inking huh? Well, the final product looks something like...

It looks a lil too anime for me mixed with classic comic art, but, I was going for a unique style.


And a special thanks goes out to those who left words of encouragement in my last post, I really appreciate it.

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Nashe^ said...

Don't shut it yet, dude. Do a MySpace stunt first, if you know what I mean. People there are MUCH friendlier. Hope it works for you.