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Monday, November 24, 2008

As Quickly As It Starts...

You ever started something and then realized later that this isn't exactly what you thought it would be at all? Thats how I feel about this blog. I started it really because none of my artwork belonged on my social blog, so I thought I start a new one where I could meet other artists and network with them and talk about different things whether it be techniques, publishers or whatever. Turns out, thats not really how it works...

I've seen several professional artists on blogger, and I've been by their sites many times, commented, asking for help/feedback, and recieved absolutely nothing in return. I've been looking for social art rings and illustration/comic author rings to no avail. I've joined several art sites, including Deviant Art, which I realize only really caters to people who are a.) already professionals, b.) who draw nothing but fan art or c.) people who draw or photograph nude people. Thats it. There's no section there really for someone who's just looking for direction in finding what to do or how to meet other artists of similar backgrounds looking for the same thing. Someone suggested to me that I start my own social thing, but that takes ALOT of time, and I dont want to start something where it would be just me in it and no one else....cause that's not much different than this blog right now.

I mean, it started off good, but as I've noticed, I've had like only 7 different people visit my blog in like the last 2 weeks. Thats it. So, unfortunately, I think this little 'experiment' is coming to an end. In about 2 weeks time, I'm going to officially close this blog, as well as my memberships to other 'art sites'. It was a good idea, but lacked in just about everything. I'm not going to go back to posting my art on my other blog either, because it doesn't belong there...I'm just not posting it anymore. I'll still do it from time to time.

And with that said...I guess I'll post this. These are the steps that I went through to make my profile pic. Yeah, not to exciting. But enjoy anyway.



Teems said...

I think you need to find out exactly where you want to take this artistic ability of yours... There are many avenues and I don’t think I you expressed that on here yet.

A lot of people may not be helpful because maybe they see you as competition. I dunno. No matter how discouraging this blogger experiment has been- you are talented. I have a friend who drew. Art major...drew images just like you but he was interning with me a def jam putting stickers on motor bikes for a promotion. Now.....He's a well recognized graphic artist in the music industry...making album covers and logos for the latest artist like Neyo and Nas. We were putting stickers on bikes darn it! Now he’s making (more) money (than me) doing what he loves.

I know I am not one to talk because I aspire to do many things and never apply myself in anyway... and then complain. You however, are applying yourself more than I ever have... so don’t give up. I’m not sure on what kind of advice your are looking for but just let the page rock. It will come in due time. Getting noticed takes time. Leave an email address so that people can contact you for work/suggestions.

And your latest post is the best so far to me. That’s just my two cents..

clnmike said...

I hate to see talented people leave the blogosphere, I am not an artist but the way I see it you asking for the attention of a small group of people in a media that is slowly loosing ground making competition tight.

I think broadening your horizon with your work to sites that deal with animation ( ), tattoos ( he does great art work too.

In fact I dont know if you have a myspace page but i think you can easily find the type of network your looking for there.

Besides fans are the best at telling you what they like not fellow artists or critics.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Teems and are obviously talented and I don't think you should give up...just open up to other websites and functions....

Pretty.Hip said...

I hate that I can't give you any advice bc I know nothing about the art world. But I do have a friend who's in a bunch of art circle, so I'll ask her & get back to you... I was just about to say that I love the profile pic though

Anonymous said...

Your drawings are great should use your skill and become a tat artist too

clnmike said...

My bad Zuda is online amateur comics not animation I was thinking of something else.

Deutlich said...

ha! ignore my question on 20sb.. as it's obviously answered now.

Nice job on the picture.

Really nice job.

Neptune said...

I'm feelin your blog..Im not an artist, but I love it! I'm a huge art supporter....