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Saturday, December 6, 2008

End of the Beginning

I started this art blog as an experiment. As I've stated before, I wanted to find other artists and maybe start a social thing with them and yada yada yada. Everything doesn't succeed, and this is one of those non succeeding things. So, my art blog as you know it is done. I'll just chalk this one up to a failed experiment. Nothing that I set out to do was accomplished...except for one goal. My purpose which is clearly stated in my profile, is to 'transform this beyond a hobby'. And I've done that.

Since I've been on different art forums and art pages, I've read what others have been doing and researched how they've gotten their exposure. I'm taking my art to the next level by starting and completing my graphic novel. I've found a publisher that is willing to distribute my work, just as long as its done in an orderly fashion....which is definitely great. My first 'book' that is going to be published is my unofficial sketch book and should be availble soon for purchase if any are interested. And then from there, my graphic novel will be published with hopefully many more works to follow.

It can't be stressed enough how much some of your encouraging words, and especially the ones from my girl have greatly helped. I was on the verge of shutting this site down and giving up hope and just go back to sketching in my book privately. But through here, I found an outlet, a publisher, and hopefully an audience. So I guess, you really do find yourself through failure...which doesn't make this a complete non success.

And because this is an 'art' blog, I felt obliged to share one of my quick sketches. This is of Venom from Spiderman, and took at around 20 minutes to do. Its all practice for the major product that's coming soon.



Teems said...

OK, my blog friend. Do what you have to do. I wish you much (more) success...

clnmike said...

Glad your sticking with it.

Lizz said...

You've got a really nice line-- very clean work.

LipstickOne said...

i wish you luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I don't think you should shut this blog...I threatened my readers to shut mine once (I was actually threatening my alter egos :P) and I have to admit I would have regreted doing so...I like your drawings...and I really look forward to seeing more of your art :D again, CHARLES' IN CHARGE!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics...wonderful wonderful