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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman!!

a sketch of Spiderman upside down
I love Spiderman (but I'm starting to hate the Spiderman movies...). Spiderman was the first comic book that I ever read...and I loved the artwork that was made my Eric Larsen when he had a brief stint as the artist for the comic. I thought even then that his style of Spiderman and how he drew him made him so cool looking. This is a picture of Spiderman that I drew a while ago and was contemplating on adding more of a background. But I think that if I did, the web would get lost in the lines somewhere, so perhaps later on.

Nothing too spectacular (terrible pun...) about the picture, other than this is the symbiote Spiderman, with his classic red and blue costume underneath. I was thinking about creating another Spiderman picture, but its still in the 'thinking' stage right now. The usual routine...Picassa..."I'm Feeling Lucky" blazay blazay.

I want to post newer things, but I can't as of right now, cause I'm using most of my free time doing sketches and prelims for my graphic novel. I'll definitely post some things on that when it gets more to a completed stage.

sketch of Spiderman



Darius T. Williams said...

Loving it! U got skills!

Kay said...

nooo i didn't draw that, this artist Fafi did it

mizsoul said...

Cool draws! :)

CapCity said...

Hi Charles: Saw your comment at 12Kyle's spot "And Pailin is the absolute worst. I'm mad that someone like her is even famous..."

so, i had to come give u a cyber high-five! I thought I was the only one who THOUGHT that!!

Oh, & great art work *as I'm looking round your spot*!!



superduperkya said...

wow you've prob. heard this a thousand times, but your art is amazing. you're very talented :]

My Fashion Frenzy said...

You've got skills!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture! You're gonna go far, with that talent, if you keep at it!

Never was much of a comic reader. I was an avid Gen13 fan, during the 90s, but lost interest after a while. None the less, Spider man is an iconic figure. I don't know much about how the story is in the comic, just from the movies. But, I can only imagine what it must be like, after reading your entry.

Charles said...

@ DTW: Thanks man.

@ kay: Oh, okay, I was wondering, cause it was hot. Thanks for coming by.

@ mizsoul: Thanks, I appreciate it.

@ capcity: Hahaha...yeah, she is absolutely the worst. I mean, the last thing we need in an economic recession is for a vp nominee to be spending upwards of 50k on a damn wardrobe. Thanks for checking out my blog too!!

@ mizz minnie: Thanks!! And I'll definitely be checking out yours too.

@ superduperkya: Hahaha...not even close to a thousand, but thanks, I definitely appreciate it.

@ ms fashion frenzy: Thanks. And thanks for coming by my blog too.

@ fluff: Whats up Fluff!! I'm glad you came by my art blog. Sorry I haven't been going to yours as often as I should, somehow you got erased off of my blog roll and I couldn't find your URL again...but now I got it, and I'm gonna be readin your stuff again. I don't even know what Gen13 is...guess I have to do some research...