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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Return of the Ninja

This one of the early drawings in my sketch book. At first I just created the anime style ninja with no background, but it seemed rather flat to me, so I was going back to it and adding the background. The background I chose was a traditional japanese themed dojo set at night. I'm still working on it, and penciling it in whenever I have the chance, but since I have artist's ADD (or ADHD...whichever it is) I can't focus on one drawing at a time. And since that I'm starting the rough pencils and characters for my graphic novel, I really haven't had the time to go back to this one...but I will. Overall, I'm glad how it turned out...I made him muscular without him looking too beefy, which is usually what happens when I draw male figures. I don't draw too much anime stylized this one was different for me.

As usual, uploaded through Picassa..."I'm Feeling Lucky"...the standard affair.



clnmike said...

Good stuff.

Teems said...

Ooo I like this one!

Muze said...

woooow charles! this is awesome.

and this one on the side with the angel wings and white hair? wow!

you are uber talented.

12kyle said...

i lose focus from time to time...but i can't draw. lol

great pics, charles

dessex said...

you got skills

Anonymous said...

daaamn that shit is crazy ill... i love the composition

ErynMyisha said...

wow this is awesome. i'm loving your stick people look like crackheads so i'm mos def in awe! thanks for stopping by my spot!

Nola Darling said...

I thought you said you were an amateur... you need to work for the post or something... this stuff is GREAT!

Asja said...

great work!i like the composition and strong lines on your drawing. you're very talented!
thanks for visiting my blog, btw.