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Monday, November 10, 2008

Wither Away

This is one of my newer, unfinished pictures. For some reason a little while ago, my drawing style shifted into pictures that actually have some meaning, other than just stuff I see and think to myself "hey, that looks like something that would be cool to draw". But recently, I had to go back to my old way of drawing, because my graphic novel would never get done.

So anyways, this is supposed to be a picture of a figure who's withering away, or eroding. His head is hollow, and you can see debris flowing freely from it because he's withering away due to alot of different reasons. And his hand (and shoulder) is also deterriorating and seeping up his arm until his whole existence will to go back to the form from which he orignally came. Deep huh? Also, I wanted to show that he has different levels and that he is made up of more complexities than from what you see with the naked eye, so I kinda drew him as an 'exploded view' of different puzzle pieces that all come together to make him whole. As for his head, you can see this pencil outline that I drew at the top that's supposed to go on his head, but I think I'm going to remove it because it doesn't flow with the rest of the picture.

Like I said, its a work in progress, so several things might change or be added when I'm actually done with it. I tried to use different techniques stippling for the hand, shoulder and the debris from the head, as well as some simple comic metallic shading here and there. As always, uploaded through Picassa.



Mizrepresent said...

You are so talented. Keep doing your thing Charles.

In5aneTdub said...

i fucks wit u nigga u got mad talent