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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Works While They Were "In Progress"

I used to post my artwork on my other blog, but it didn't belong just felt weird to talk about randomness, then post artwork, then talk about more randomness. And going through the archives of my blog, I found the rough drafts of some of the pictures I posted on here. I always post the finished (or close to finished) products up here, so I decided for a change of pace to post what they initially looked like before I actually finished them. Yeah, granted some of them are much further along in the finished stages than you probably wanted to see....but I'm kinda iffy about letting people see my stuff before its starting to come together. Oh, and I apologize for the resolution and picture quality. These were taken before I had a scanner...with a digital camera. And in the words of Erykah Badu: "Keep in mind that I'm an artist...and I'm sensitive about my shit...."

No Named Character

This is my anime inspired one that I posted a while back. I know that you're supposed to finish the penciling first before you finalize things, but I get impatient and want to see how it comes together. Plus when I'm inking, I find myself adding in alot of detail that wasn't there before. So here you can see that I basically have the head down, but I haven't added any detail at all to his chest (or the open 'scar'), and he doesn't even have a right hand.

Okay, now you can see that I added some more cables, outlined his left arm, added a right arm (finally!!) and inked his chest.

And the Final.


Here is a picture of my ninja before I started adding the background. I initially was going to keep it like that, but it looked too basic for me.

And the 'Final'. You know, I pretty much uploaded it when it was 'complete', the only thing thats really different is that I decided to start adding a background...which isn't finished yet.


And here is my Spectacular Spiderman. I was still in the process of inking his right shoulder, and like the previous picture, I was going to leave it like that, but it looked a little too basic for me. So in the 'final' version of it, I added the webs in the back as well as the spiders within his web...and I think it came out better that way.

The Final. I think it looks much better with the webs and spiders.


This one here is of my dragon. I was just doing the initial outlining. I knew I wanted to add scales to him, but I was trying to think of a way where I could do the illusion of him being covered in them without actually drawing them. Yeah...didn't work out that way and I had to do the whole thing.

And the Final. I actually made the dragon longer than what I was planning on doing at first, but it worked out. As you can see, I had to 'scale' the whole thing, plus do stippling for the wings so they didn't look flat in comparison. Also, I added spinal horns and gave him snake-like markings. This one, actually came out pretty well. Not 100%, but decent.


And finally we come to one of my favorite ones...the Transformers. Looking back at it, alot of things went wrong in this picture. I'm not going to point them out though, because I don't want your eye to be focused on those. But as a whole, it came out decent enough.

I was fairly done with it. I still needed to ink alot of Optimus Prime and Galvatron's arm in the foreground. Galvatron's shoulder needed more detail as well...

Here, I added more detail to Optimus Prime so he didn't seem so 'flat'. I also added the Autobots insignia on his shoulder too as well as more detail to his chest. Oh, and the 'lens flare' to Galvatron's hand too.
'Final' Product.



Teems said...

My faves are Spiderman and Transformer.

Nashe^ said...

OMG DUDE. I absolutely love how you bring out the cheekbones in the No Named guy.

Wish I could draw half as well as you do!

Darius T. Williams said...

So, I'm wondering what you do for a living? This artwork is waaay too good for you not to do this as a career.

Charles said...

@ Teems: Yeah, I like those too...but they're not my original idea. I like the ones where I'm drawing my own characters or stuff I see more...if that makes any kind of sense.

@ nashe: Thanks!! I wasn't always good took ALOT of practice. There are still alot of artists though that I look at and their stuff makes mine look bad in comparison.

@ DTW: I want to do Information Technology...not even something that's remotely close to art huh. Yeah, I thought about it, but I don't remember exactly why I didn't pursue that. Maybe I can do it part time...well, at least I'm trying to anyways.

Teems said...

Makes A LOT of sense. Whether its your orginal ideas or not-- its still good! I wanna see color now. Do you work with color or just black and white?

Charles said...

I do use color...but I haven't done so in a loooong while. Matter of fact...I have some old ones (very old) that I'll post...