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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lions, Colors and Throwbacks Oh My....

This post was inspired because someone (*cough cough* Teems *cough cough*) wanted to see some color pictures. They're not the best, but they're all that I have at the present time.

So this is a drawing that I did a while ago for someone. At the time I was working on a now defunct graphic novel and they saw me doing sketches and drawings for it and asked me to do a picture for them. At the time it was cool cause it allowed me to draw something different than my novel and for me to draw something I don't normally draw. I can only assume though that this picture is now crumpled up in a land fill somewhere entertaining sea gulls and what not. So, as you can see, its of a lion cub. I guess it turned out okay, nothing major really. I decided to add color to it, and it finally turned out like this:
These are 'old' pictures, so they were uploaded through a digital camera and not the current scanner I have access to. The smear in the lower right hand corner is me covering up the person's name that I put there. I think this was the next to the last picture that I drew for someone else...and I really don't like doing it actually. I wish I copied the last one I did before I gave it away, but I didn't. Lessons learned I guess.


And these here are the old school throwbacks!! I used to love some Looney Tunes...and I loved basketball. Put them together, and its like the ultimate mashup!! And then some little movie called Space Jam came out and totally ripped my idea!! Anyways, these pictures are ridiculously old...from like 1995 or so. Yeah, I was drawing then too. I think for my age then though, I was pretty good...too bad I gave it up and only recently came back to it. I was about 11 to 14 years old when I made these pictures, so if they aren't the best, bare with me. Oh, and these were done on a huge tablet, I can't remember the dimensions, but the paper was at least 3 times the size of standard 8x11 paper.

This right here is the oldest one. Its of the Tazmanian devil. I drew this when I was about 11 or 12. I guess he's supposed to represent Shaq (the Orlando Magic used to be my favorite team). Other signs to tell this is an old picture? Well, thats the old Pistons jersey of Grant Hill...and the NBA on NBC logos I had going on there. And yeah...those shoes you see are the old Penny Hardaway's and the patent leather Jordan's. Hey, what can I say, I was and will always be a sneaker buff.

This one right here is of the Chicago Bulls in their prime. Bugs as Jordan, Wil E. as Pippen, and Sylvester and Kukoc. Yeah...I told you I loved basketball. All the characters I drew from memory, which is why Bugs looks a tad off. And by looking at these old pics, I see my body proportions were off too...but you learn I guess from old stuff. Anyways, I drew the patent leather Jordans again (funny how they made a hell of a comeback), and on 'Pippen' he has the old Nike Pippens (I had a pair of those...the re-released Air Uptempo's), and I forgot the name of the shoe's I put on Sylvester. Oh, and Tweety is in the pic too, but somehow he got cut off. Oh, and around this time I found out that mixing red and orange color pencils looked wicked, so I had to start putting that in all of my pics then.

I loved my red-orange pencil, and it went to work in this picture. We've got Wil E. as Kevin Garnett, Daffy as Penny Hardaway, Plucky as Lil' Penny, Guy from the Monstars in Space Jam as Patrick Ewing, Marvin and Van Exel, and I don't even know what the Red Haired guy is...I just drew him in cause he was cool in the cartoons. Oh, and Tweety as the ref. This was just an excuse to fill that whole page with random coolness such as the shoes, the red color, and characters I liked. I wish they still made those Penny Hardaway shoes though...I wanted a pair!!

This was the last picture I made in that sketch pad. Someone showed me a picture of Dragon Ball Z before it was even airing here in the states, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Turned out when I actually saw the show, it was 95% filler and wasn't all that great at all. Anyways, here are 'inspired' characters from the series. As you can see, I still didn't give up the red and orange at all. I thought it would be cool if his 'blast' made a shockwave when he shot it, hence the concentric waves and such in the background. And I wanted to draw the street all torn that's whats going on there. Even after all these years, that pic is still unfinished. Damn shame.

Yep...I hope you appreciate the color, and the brief flashback down memory lane.

Oh, the color pencils I used were good ol' Crayola.

And as always, clicking on the pics will make them bigger.



1/3 said...

that lion cub was so pretty! Like u can see the fur on it. Im going to need you to do more pics in color!

did that space jams esq pic say '96? tisk tisk lol

Nashe^ said...

Marvin the Martian was cute!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Space Jams days!!

You are very talented.

Did I miss a memo or is this your only blog now?

Anonymous said...

your blog is dope

Sexxy Luv said...

wow charles! those drawings were amazing. thanks for sharing.

Ms. Behaving said...

Great stuff Charles. The colors are so vibrant.

Teems said...

DAMNIT! I'm late. By the way I can get notifcations now from you. Its was what you said it was. But now my stuff is so cluttered I am missing all my fav blogger posts.

Anyway! Thanks for the color. I love the lion. I want that as a pet. :-) And I heart the bulls pic. Now I am content! lol

super duper kya said...

the cub & looney tunes are tooo cute!

Fabulous said...

Awesome drawings!! You're super talented, but you already know that! Those pics make me want to go watch Space Jam!