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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Robots in Disguise

Galvatron fighting Optimus Prime
I used to love some Transformers. Scratch that...I still do. I remember back in the day I had the Constructocons who would all transform to this bigger robot, Devastator a-la Voltron...too damn hot. I wanted Starscream because something about his treacherous Brutus ways just gets me. Well anyways...

This picture is of Optimus Prime and Galvatron. And for those who are kinda low on the Transformers lore, Galvatron is the 'new' version of Megatron created by Unicron (okay the geekiness factor is starting to show...) Check the animated Transformers movie to get your game up. Anyways, I love both characters, so why not do a pic with them both in it? Even though 'technically' the picture isn't finished yet. I still have to do the shading on Galvatron's arm thats in the foreground, but I've just been too lazy to go back to it. I will though eventually. No stippling here, just using parallel lines for shading and all that jazz. This one took a while, and I think this was the picture that initially start killing my pens.

Well anyways...the one up top is the rough scan, the one below is the edited one compensating for exposure through Picassa with the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button....standard fare by now. If anyone knows of some good AFFORDABLE art software, please hit me up, it would be greatly appreciated.

Galvatron fighting Optimus Prime

**The two pictures in color are not my drawings, those were pics taken from the web**



Darius T. Williams said...

Although these came from the web - you could do these, right?

Just_Wondering said...

How long would it take you to draw something like this?

Charles said...

@ DTW: Yeah...I could definitely do the color ones...its just that I don't know what I would use to do the color...probably some editing software I don't even have. But you do know the black and white pics up are mine though, right? Those are more detailed than the colored ones...

@ just_wondering: Oh, these take a long time. It depends though...some I breeze through, some I can't. It just depends on focus. This particular one probably took me altogether a couple of days consecutively, but I would just do it in increments. Its easy to get the pencil drawing, but it takes time and dedication to ink it and add the extra detail.

Anonymous said...

don't know what to say... but know i'm lurking.. :D