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Friday, October 24, 2008

Unleash the Dragon

This is a picture I drew a while back of a dragon. At the time I was going for a more Asian inspired dragon and less 'realistic', hence the stylized smoke coming from his mouth and flames...and the semi goatee thing he has going on. Don't really know why there's a goatee or why there are in eastern dragon depictions...but whatever...just threw it on anyway.

When I was finished with it, it looked rather plain, then I thought to myself, it would look cooler if he had scales....So I drew those on as well as the snake-like markings on his back. Then the wings looked awkwardly drab, so I stippled them to give them at least a little texture. I think all things considered, I was happy how it turned out. And the usual...Picassa...'I'm Feeling Lucky'...but this time, I resized it so it won't be as big. For one, it took a while to upload the other pics, and two, it should be easier to see the whole thing while still being large enough to see detail.



Darius T. Williams said...

You're doing some great work for real. You should be rich off your skills!

wonder.woman said...

thats hot!!!
ur really good

Tystarr said...

Woah..lookz like that took a lot of pen time.

Charles said...

@ DTW: Man I wish...I can't even get my graphic novel idea off the ground. And it would help to have some real professional artist's opinions, but you know how that goes...

@ wonder.woman: Thanks...much appreciated.

@tystarr: I appreciate you coming by. Yeah took quite a while...but I definitely have others that are way more intense...I'll be posting those soon.

clnmike said...

Thats tight, you thinking on of doing comics?

Charles said...

@ clnmike: Yeah...I actually was about to start on a graphic novel that I had in mind