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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pieces of a Man

This is a drawing in which I decided to draw more of a picture about something other than just figures in action poses and manga or something else like that. I had this one up as a banner on my other blog for a while until I decided that my pictures didn't belong there and I needed another avenue for my art.

This picture is supposed to depict that this guy, this man, is made of a bunch of little things that come together to define him. And that when you think you see all that makes him up, if you look closer, there are smaller pieces that make up the larger ones (which is supposed to be symbolized by the larger hexagonal piece above his hands). Also, just going about day to day things withers him away, which explains the 'erosion' effect and the hexagon pieces that are missing from his chest flying by his hand.

I used ALOT of stippling in this picture, and it took alot to get the hexagons just right, even though they didn't turn out that way. There are alot of places where I'm not happy how the whole thing turned out, but as a whole, it works. Anways...mechanical pencil, then .25 mm, .35 mm, and .5 mm pens were used. Picassa...'I'm Feeling Lucky' know the usual.



MzCoko said...

My 1st time being here.. lookin around.. cool stuff!

clnmike said...

I like what your doing here, real talent.

-::brown sugar::- said...

thanks for stoppin by my blog...and im glad i did the same...your art is awesome!...

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm thinking u need to hold classes or something - dude, you're good.

Marcellus Suber said...

Very tight man!

Charles said...

@ mzcoko: Thanks!! Hopefully it won't be your last time here too. I'll definitely have to come and check your page out too.

@ clnminke: Thanks man, much appreciated.

@ brownsugar: Oh no problem, I'll be back to yours.

@ DTW: Hahaha...I don't know about all that, cause looking around at other people's blogs, there's still alot about art that I clearly know nothing about.

@ marcellus suber: Thanks man. And I appreciate you stopping by.

12kyle said...

i agree with should be teaching folks how to do this type of work

RunGirl. said...

Your artwork is nice! To me its, hip hop meets techno ...