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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Notebook Sketch

I remember drawing this in 2nd year during one of my most boring-est classes. I used to sit right up front in Digital Logic Design, and doodle and sketch in the front cover of my notebook. I used to draw faces of the people in my class, my professor making funny faces, and this picture right here. In hindsight, I should've been paying more attention in class...maybe I would've gotten higher than a C+. But anyways...its just a picture of a comic book-like figure...nothing special...and definitely nothing on the level of some of these professional's blogs I've been looking at as of late, which made me even question why I'm posting my amateur stuff at all...but that's something for another day.

Nothing really major worth noting about this picture...except the 'original' which I drew in my notebook, was done entirely in ball point pen and I feel came out looking better than this one did. No pencil sketching first, just straight Bic pen...and I feel it lost a little something when I tried to copy it a little bit to my 'official' sketch book.

Oh, and as always...uploaded through Picassa, the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' know the drill by now.


karrie b. said...

yoooooooooooooo. this shit is ILL.


Darius T. Williams said...

Yo - this is good work man - for real...I'm loving the symmetry. You're a pro!

1/3 said...

I dont see an amateur when i look at your yea stop saying that!!!:-)

Pretty.Hip said...

I wish my hands were blessed...

Ticia said...

just coming through - checked out all your other posts - you are talented -
I can't draw anything - its horrible!

Charles said...

@ all: Thanks I really appreciate it.

12kyle said...

looks like a super hero or something. i wish i could draw. damn! lol

Bloggal said...

what darius said. it's soooo symmetrical. it looks...perfect, for lack of a better word. very well balanced.

sidenote: i'll be stopping by more often from now on. i forgot to add this one to the blogroll but i'm on it now;-)

check ya later.

Charles said...

@ 12kyle: Thanks bruh!!

@ bloggal: Thanks. And this blog made the blogroll?? Thats whats up...I definitely appreciate it