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Monday, October 20, 2008

One of My First Completed Works

Well, that title isn't true really...I've completed alot of drawings before this one from conceptual to completion, but this is the first one that I did when I actually started to take drawing seriously.

The picture is supposed to be this character that I made up (I was thinking about using him for a project I was doing, but later scrapped the whole idea) who's supposed to be a cyborg kind of...which explains the mechanical hand and his chest cut open to reveal that he's metal underneath. Its kind of anime inspired a little, I was watching some anime movie and was surprised at all the intricate animation and detail, and then this picture just popped into my head.

I first started out with the pencils to get the basic idea, from the outlines to where I kind of wanted the picture to go. Then I drew the basic outline of the body using a .35 mm pen just to give thickness to the outline. And for the intricate details, I used a .25 mm pen. All of the hair was done with the .25 mm and I used it for the shading as well on the right 'metallic' hand and chest plate. Not many other techniques I think were really used, unless you want to count the 'quasi stippling' I did close to the left hand. And for those that don't know, stippling is a technique that is used to create pictures or images using dots or short strokes. I was just playing around with it here, but in my later drawings, I used it for shading and texture, and it made things more intricate. And as always, I used Picasa to scan my pictures and edited it just a tad, by making the picture slightly darker to adjust for my scanner's tendency to wash pictures out.

Materials Used:
  • Acid free, medium weight, lightly textured 50% recycled sketch paper
  • #2 0.7 mm BIC mechanical pencil
  • 0.35 mm art pen
  • 0.25 mm art pen
  • Picasa 3


Anonymous said...


I don't even feel like I'm "worthy" enough to make a comment on such an artistic expression of greatness.

That shit is tight though.

What do you call it?

12kyle said...

Talent! You got that, bruh

Anonymous said...

wow nice blog....i like the change

Charles said...

@ GLO:I definitely appreciate it. I don't have a title for it...I just draw them.

@12kyle: Thanks man.

@kin'shar: Thanks. I still have my other one open...this one is just solely for drawings and art.

Anonymous said...

ooh shit...