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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Charles's D'avid

I drew this picture in like 25 minutes, so that's why it looks a little rough. I've decided to do different drawing techniques other than just pen and ink.

This picture I call D'avid, sorta a take on Michelangelo's David...except he's african american. Well anyways, I know David is a statue...a full body statue at that minus the arms, but I can't sculpt. And I was going to draw it full body, but I know some people are uptight about art and nudity. 'Ewww...why is he drawing naked people??' And for the record, drawing naked people has no say on their sexual orientation, its just that the human body is drawn all the time and considered to be a great specimen to sketch, male or female.

Anyways...I drew a rough outline first, then shaded in everything else. I need to work on my muscilature, because I don't want to make every male figure I draw look like a gladiator.

Materials Used:
  • Acid free, medium weight, lightly textured 50% recycled sketch paper
  • #2 0.7 mm BIC mechanical pencil
  • Picasa 3
I think at the moment, I still prefer pen and ink, because they take longer and I can do so much more with it.


Foia said...

Hello! I saw you on Tosh's page, and wanted to check you out. I *heart* art...nice blog layout. I'll be back to see u


Bloggal said...

so i see i need to blog roll THIS blog cause when i tried to click on your old one, it said "invite only" and i was like, oh no he didn't lock me out! lol...but nice spot. i like it alot =).

and this drawing is quite impressive. when i first saw it, it did remind me of david. it's kind of a coincidence to because we just finished studying michaelangelo in my art history class.

but, i just got a job as a writer for an art blog ( it's no big deal, just a local website, but i wanted to feature. i plan to make one of my weekly segments a mention of awesome art blogs , and i think your would be a PERFECT start. let me know, and i'll give you a shoutout.

Sexxy Luv said...

did you say 25 minutes?....WOW that is amazing!

i would have liked to see the rest of the body! lol

great job! :)

Charles said...

@ foia: Thanks for coming by. I definitely appreciate the compliments

@ bloggal: Yeah, I closed my other blog temporarily...I guess I should've had a longer warning than just one post though. Congrats on getting the writer's gig. I DEFINITELY appreciate a shout out...just let me know if I have to do anything, that's whats up. I appreciate that.

@ sexxyluv: Yeah, I was just sketching, not doing anything too serious. Hahahaha...I bet you would...

Super Woman said...

ohhh my favorite

Nebby said...

you're very talented!