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Monday, August 5, 2013

Soundwave, Superior

Well looky whats finally done!

transformers soundwave decepticons illustration illumistrations ravage rumble laserbeak generation 1

I've been feeling very creative lately...which is great.  And I'm struggling to find enough time to get down all of these sketches so I can get the ideas out to finish later and juggle commissions, but its an issue I'm glad to take on.  I still feel as if I need to draw more, and having like 2 months taken out of productivity really put a damper on things, but I'm sure that I can catch up. 

I have other sketches that I need to finish and hopefully make into prints, so I'll squeeze those in if I have the time.  But in the meantime in-between time, this illustration is available as an 11" x 17" print on high quality poster archive paper...and you can definitely be one of the people to call this your very own!  Obviously on the print, the watermarks are not there, those are only there for online posting purposes.  But you can head on over to my Square Market page, or right here on this blog to my Commissions and Prints link to purchase your own print.  

And feel free to look me up on any other social media sites that I'm on (the links are on the right hand side of the page in my profile).  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my art!

Without Wax,


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