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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Neo Sailor Venus & Artemis

This whole past weekend, I've been working on commissions pretty much non stop.  But I did happen to take some small breaks in there, mostly to work on this Sailor Venus illustration.  I loved the initial sketch and thought that it looked pretty plain without any background associated with it, so I decided to add that in there too while coloring...and here's the final result:

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Click on image for higher resolution.

This is sort of a techno-y Neo Sailor Venus and Artemis...sort of how I picture them if they were in some revamped Sailor Moon anime.  At least it should be like this.  I'm really fond of the design of the outfit/suit that I may do the other and extended sailor scouts in their associated suits.  That definitely sounds like a could be like a series of sorts...lemme write that down before I forget.

Anyways, back to the commissions!

Without Wax,


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