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Friday, May 10, 2013

Glob Hammercy!

I really liked the sketch when I initially did it and thought that it would be a shame for it not to have a proper background.  This way, I didn't have to do a fully realized background that probably wouldn't fit the rest of the drawing, and give it a more print/illustrative type feel...which I definitely love.  And if you're not familiar with Adventure Time....then shame on you.

art illustration fionna cake adventure time african american black bmo gunter
Fionna, Cake, Gunter, B-Mo and some random Gumdrops

I decided to deviate a little from the color palette that I'm used to to give this a more bright and sugary sort of feel.  Gotta say that I sort of love this color combination.  I should do more bright (and possibly neon-y) colors in future pieces.

And as always, this 11" x 17" print is available for purchase.  Just head on over to my Prints and Commissions link and you can purchase this one or some of my past prints there.  And if you're not following me either on Facebook or Tumblr, then you probably should rectify that mistake.  Until next time!

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