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Thursday, March 7, 2013


african american black superhero superheroine heroine Supergirl heroes

This one was definitely was a while in the making.  I did the original sketch sometime in like early August of 2012 and pretty much sat on it until now.  I liked it then, but I didn't love it enough to finish it, so it sat in the dusty corner of my hdd until I was going through some random folders and saw it.  And then I thought about how I could improve it...
But instead of erasing parts and pieces, I decided to do a completely new sketch without looking at the last one at all...and I ended up not liking that one either.  I liked parts of it, but not all of it.  Then I looked at them both, and decided to use the best of both and combine them into one...the face of the newer one, and pretty much the foundation of the speak louder than words.

Supergirl african american black sketch comparison

This happens a lot actually.  I'll sketch something out, and it will just dwell forever in purgatory until I randomly see it again and try to fix it.  

And I guess as a bonus, here is a work in progress shot of the final image:

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Without Wax,

1 comment:

Dr. Psycho said...


As the father* ** of two beautiful Ethiopian-American women, I heartily approve of this character.

This image belongs on my Super-Sister Tumblr feed: