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Monday, February 4, 2013


I haven't really been posting as much as I should, but please believe that I have still been drawing!! In all honesty, I've been doing more sketching than doing finished illustrations however. I guess in the grand scheme of things, thats good, because it requires me not too think so much on details and just have fun drawing. But these do have to get finished though...I still have sketches from 2012 that I need to make into finished illustrations!! But sometimes, I get stuck when I think about where I should take sketches, and they somehow forever remain sketches. Maybe they'll end up in a compilation of some sorts....

Anyways, onto the art!!

And as always, right clicking and opening into a new window will allow you to see the images larger.
african american, woman of color, women, disney, aladdin, jasmine, princess, raja
Princess Jasmine and Raja
african american, superheroes, women, black heroes, she-ra, shera, princess of power
She-Ra, Princess of Power

I'll be posting more progress of these as they come along.

Without Wax,


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