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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sailor Scouts Sketch

I'm such a nerd...I just noticed the alliteration in my post title.

Anyways, I've been trying to get into the habit of drawing/sketching more, and there are a lot of sketches that I've done already that I'm not too happy about...and have subsequently been scrapped.  But I started on this one a couple of days ago, liked it, and kept on going with it.  Be sure to click on the pic to see it in higher resolution.

Sailor scouts black african american sailor moon sailor mercury sailor jupiter sailor mars anime
The Sailor Scouts!
Sailor Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Mars
I've been thinking about doing a picture with not only just Sailor Moon, but the rest of the scouts too.  Doing them all in one pic would probably have been troublesome, unless I did a drawing with some proprietary canvas size.  I tried my best to stick to the 11 x 17 dimensions as I could, hoping that when this is finished, it would make a pretty decent long as I don't mess it up.

Things in this image a more than likely to change as there are some spots I'm not too fond of, but be sure to keep your eyes here on this blog, and I'll update it with process pics!

Without Wax,


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