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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

I finally finished this Power Puff Girls picture.  This was basically a battle between me and my laptop.  I kept pushing it, and it kept slowing down and struggling, pushing the boundaries of my patience.  I definitely see that I need to upgrade the RAM in my poor little laptop.  This basically started out as a sketch of a poster style image of an African American version of the PPGs.  Then while I was inking it I thought "this would be a great time to start experimenting with different coloring techniques and yada yada...".  That turned out to be an almost huge mistake.  Anyways, this was definitely a learning experience, and I'm proud of the much in fact, that I created a version with them in alternate uniforms.  Cause really, who has just one color swatch of a super hero uniform?

African American Powerpuff Girls

African American Powerpuff Girls
This is also probably one of those occasions where its best to see this image larger to appreciate some of the smaller details.  I definitely plan on making prints of this, so please stay tuned to this site for more information about getting your own!

**Also, check out my new Google+ page.  Its kinda sparse now, but it will be populated with a lot of art related things soon.  And you can also enjoy that new website smell!!**

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