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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Instagram, Work In Progress

I drew a picture about 2 years ago (probably more now that I actually think about it) with Harley Quinn facetime chatting the Joker on her brand new Iphone 4.  I liked the concept, but not the end result too much.  So I decided to draw it over again...but then I thought it would be better if I drew in Poison Ivy, since they're like best friends (perhaps even more).  And then, it turned to instagram...and I guess, thats pretty much all there is to it.  

African American Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Instagram
And then I though that there was a lot of negative space there, so a background of some kind is definitely in order there.  I thought about doing the typical Gotham inspired rooftop, but then I thought, if you're posting pics to instagram of you and your friends, it has to be something of you doing something over the top.  So the two ideas I had in my head were them just robbing a bank, with the bank exploding in the background, or them vandalizing the batmobile.  Hey, either one works for me.  So, expect inks and colors of this one up soon.

Without Wax,

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