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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Part of Your World

Let this be known...I'm a Stan of all Disney movies...ALL DISNEY MOVIES. I love hand drawn animation, their art direction...I love it all. With that being said, I love The Little Mermaid. Don't judge me!! Anyways, I decided to do a lil bit of fan art of the movie, and also use it as a chance to practice more coloring.

...cause you know, practice makes perfect...and all that jazz. Click on the image to see it in all of its high resolution glory.

Without Wax,


admin said...

although this is not relate with my hobby, but after seeing your profile, and i found GIMP there...i like regards: Cool Gimp Tutorial

B. Good said...

I love that you love The Little Mermaid, lol. That is definitely one of my Disney favs as well.

Looks hawt!

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Nice Work! Loving the coloring you do, your style is pretty well grounded.

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

@Admin: Yeah, I used to use GIMP, but I strictly use Photoshop now. GIMP definitely helped me and made the transition to digital coloring easier for me.

@B.Good: Hey!! Yeah, I'm an undercover stan of all Disney movies, and The Little Mermaid is no exception. Thanks!

@Mike: Thanks Mike! It's taken alot of practice, and I learn something new with each picture I do, which only motivates me to draw more.