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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sketchy Situations

So, even though I don't post much no here as I probably should, that doesn't mean that I still don't keep that pencil moving, and that mouse...coloring...or something like that. Anyways, while most of my art focus is on getting this graphic novel together, I still make time for other art related outlets (and sketches that I'm doing for others, right KayC?). And to prove it, I'm just gonna drop some stuff that I've been working on. Huzzah!

This one is from the graphic novel. I've been writing scripts for the upcoming chapters, and the end of the second chapter leading into the third chapter will introduce this story arc:

This is fanart for another webcomic that I'm a huge fan of, JefBot. His webcomic is a 'semi-autobiography' thats about gaming, tech culture, acting, and a whole bunch of other stuff that happens in Jeff's day to day life. Its a great read, and the art is done well too. You should check it out at

On twitter, there's something called #TuesdaySketch, where every Tuesday, there's a sketch topic, and you're supposed to do your interpretation of the topic. This past Tuesday's topic was "Super Villains". And while the person that I chose to sketch is in no ways 'super', he's still one of my favorite villains. This is the Ventriloquist with Mr. Scarface of Batman. Let Mr. Scarface tell it, the Ventriloquist is the dummy.

Here's a crappy sketch of Leonardo fighting some mousers. I'll have to come back to this and do a proper drawing.

Here's a sketch of Atom Eve from the comic book Invincible.

And last but certainly not least is Leela of Futurama:

And just as I'm posting all of this, a great idea for another sketch just jumped into my head. Gotta keep that pencil busy!

Without Wax,


Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Looking pretty awesome! Especially the ventriloquist one, that guy freaked me out alot and that is a great depiction of him! Nice work!

KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Right Charles, LOL!

Looking forward to seeing the sketches. My 'idea' is rolling right along with my first event in November! Who knew?

Anxiously awaiting your interpretation ;-)