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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Redux Deluxe REVIVE

The first thing you learn with dealing with computers is to back up everything and save often. And me supposedly being an IT professional, I should know this. And what did I neglect to do with my webcomic? That's right, back up and save. So when my host went under without alerting anyone, guess what happened?


Everything was gone. My posts, my comments, my style sheets...everything. All was lost...except for the comic pages themselves. Of course they wouldn't be gone, because I made MULTIPLE backups of those...I mean, I am supposed to be making a graphic novel in the end, right? Well...hopefully more than one...but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

So, I sat there just befuddled and angry...not knowing where to begin rebuilding or even if I should. I always said that I put way more effort into everything else but actually creating pages, and this was just taking time away from creating pages. And adding to that further was me trying to distance myself from the moniker of a webcomic and trying to be more of a graphic novel. So, creating a site just seemed like it would be a moot point.

But I did it anyway. And I re-uploaded all of my content (minus the blog posts and the individual page posts, those are forever lost). And my focus is to still publish stuff online just to get feedback and build a base, while staying true to my intentions of creating a graphic novel.

And Redux Deluxe is alive again!

I can't make promises like I used to on an update schedule, but at least this time, pages will be posted when they're completed. And the schedule will hopefully be pretty consistent. I'm shooting for being published by early next year...and I'm shooting for at least a 180 page book. Yeah...I have work to do. But I'll get there.

And you can help, by dropping by my brand new site, looking around, and leaving comments every so often! And supporting Redux Deluxe!!

Without Wax,


KayC, The Quiet Storm said...

Awww, so sorry Charles. I remember when blogger went on the blink and shut down blogs without notice. Know the feeling of everything begin lost.

Good luck with the rebuild. Keep the creative juices flowing :)

Mike "Kigen" Suazo said...

Man that sucks! I hope everything gets back up and you can get to doing your comic! Good luck with the new site!

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

@ KayC: I never even heard of blogger shutting down THAT would definitely be worse, because I'm sure that no one backs up blogger blogs (I know I don't...please don't make me start doing that). And now that my site is pretty much back up and better than before, I can definitely let those juices start to flow :-)

@ Mike: Thanks man. Yeah, everything seems to be fully functional over there and ready to go. Now back to the real part...which is drawing pages!