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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I've Been Up To

Its kinda hard to keep up with my promise to myself to draw more often...but I have...I really have, promise. Its just that what I've been drawing recently doesn't look like much of anything. I think for a while, I'm going to take a long break from doing huge drawings and illustrations and concentrate on much smaller ones. That way I can do more, practice more, and just get more done. And now that my excuse is out of the way...

I don't have much of anything new to show. But since I knew that was going to happen, I started to color one of my older drawings using some new techniques and stuff that I've picked up from here and there. And right now, I just started, so it probably doesn't look like much, but hopefully this practice will pay off once I start using what I know and applying it to newer stuff.

You may remember this picture from a couple of months ago...its the Captain America that I did using a ball point pen. I want this to look kinda old and weathered, so we'll see if that works out when its done...if not, oh well, no harm in trying I guess.