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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spreading the Love

For those who have been keeping up with the Illuminate Darkness Experiment, you would know that I am a webcomic artist (struggling...but still, I qualify). And when I was first thinking about seriously doing a webcomic sometime last year, I went around and looked at several just to get a feel of what other artists were doing, how their comics/sites looked, and everything like that. I ran across some that were really weird, some that were very adult in nature, and some that were just all over the place. There were a handful though that looked awesome in terms of website layout and content....many of them I still follow today.

I found this webcommunity called WebcomicsInc, and through there I've found some really great comics. Some of the artists were even nice enough to offer input as to what not to do and what their methods were. I really appreciate that, and a handful come to mind. But there was one in particular that I liked...from artistic style, design and content, and it was called Imy. I like how bright and colorful that it looked, I loved the characters and everything else about it. Luckily Irma, the creator of Imy, saved me as a friend on WebcomicsInc and follows me on Twitter. And I've been following it eversince.

I'm guessing (since I really don't know yet) that one of the greatest feelings of being a webcomic artist (other than having a ton of readers/followers) is someone who would make fan art of their characters and let the original artist see your spin on their creations. So, I did just that with Imy. That webcomic offered alot of inspiration, so I decided to take time out of my artistic schedule to create something for the comic. And here it is:

*click for larger pic*

And I guess that Irma loved it, because its posted on her site! Maybe one day, I'll reach the point in where other artists will send in fan art to my site as well.

Well, with that said, check out Irma's comic, Imy and let her know that Charles of Redux Deluxe sent you over there. And make sure to comment!!

And speaking of webcomics, check out mine, Redux Deluxe. So far, I'm tentatively scheduling that all updates will take place on Thursdays as of right now, and hopefully twice a week.

Hopefully both webcomics will be more than enough to warrant you to become a repeat reader!

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