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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Completed In Ultra Wide Screen For Your Enjoyment

A little while ago, I was posting preview pics for an X-Men piece that I was planning to do. I posted one of Psylocke and of Spiral, but I really didn't post anymore. Well, I was drawing on it the whole time, but I just wanted everything to be cohesive. This was done for a draw-off competition, in which the person I was drawing against was a no-show...and the topic was his idea. I haven't even heard anything from him since the deadline. I wish I could say this was the only time thats happened, but, its not. Anyways, I'm not going to take this in negativity, but use it as a learning experience, because everytime you put pencil to paper, you're getting better.

Alot of what I originally planned for this didn't make it into the final picture. I still have thumbnails and other scraps that were supposed to be in there but didn't fit or made everything jumbled. The picture was supposed to be much bigger too, but my computer just couldn't handle all the layers and everything that was going on, so I had to cut things out. Well...enough talking about it...its posted below. Make sure you click on it to get the full sized view, because saying that you're missing alot if you don't is a severe understatement.

Also, in Redux Deluxe news: New page up today!! So far, I'm liking this Thursday update thing, so I think its pretty much gonna stick. So from now on (until further notice) my webcomic, Redux Deluxe will be updated on Thursdays!! So, make sure you go check it out...leave comments, subscribe to it, and check back often!!


Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

NICE! Love the layers - they really add dimension and you know I LOVE X-men ;-)

Charles said...

Thanks!! It took a loooong time to get everything looking right, so I'm glad that it all paid off.