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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Image Dump

Even though my posting schedule clearly says otherwise, I am alive. I've just been busy...and really, blogger isn't to me what it used to be. This is going to be a short descriptive blog, and hopefully I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

**As always, clicking on the pictures will show them larger**

This is the picture that I was drawing almost a month ago. Unfortunately the person who came up with the subject was a no-show. Sorry about the image quality on these too...they're from my photobucket account.
Weapon X

Random sketch:

Sketch of the Phoenix:
Phoenix Colored

Picture of Ironman that I'm scrapping and starting all over on:
Iron Man

A picture of Nightwing from my larger Nightwing picture:

A picture of Robin versus Clayface from my larger Nightwing picture:

...and the larger Nightwing picture using the image from the previous post:
NW Final Composition

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