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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ballpoints and WebComics

First off, let me apologize for that piss poor previous blog post. I've been extremely lazy lately when it comes to blogging. The whole point of this blog was to meet other artists and chronicle my progression, but if I don't blog about it...then what's the point? With that said...onto some new drawings!!

This first one was done for a drawoff. The topic was Captain America and the medium was ballpoint pens only. I love drawing with ballpoint pens cause it gives a texture that pencils just don't. The BAD thing about it though, is that pens (Bic pens anyway) tend to blot when you use it for extensive amounts of time...and it gets very messy and can mess up your drawing if you aren't too careful. It happened twice on this picture, and I left it alone before it happened again. The shading technique I used is crosshatching...which basically is the only shading technique I use with ballpoints.


This next topic is important to me though. I've decided I'm going to restart my webcomic, Redux Deluxe. I know like only 3 people read the few strips I had before, but hopefully now I can get alot more people to actually take like 3 minutes out of their day to check it out. Its about this kid named CJ who has to move because his parents got new jobs in another state. And its about him meeting new friends, transitioning and learning life lessons...yada yada yada. I decided to make this for two, because I love the idea of webcomics. Its great, and some people (very few) actually make their living off of successful webcomics.

And secondly, there is a distinct LACK of webcomics geared toward minorities. And when I say LACK...I can count on one hand how many I know of, with two fingers held down. Yeah, its that serious. I mean, if there can be all these webcomics about videogames, drinking, college humor and all of that, we can at least have a few more good ones that represent minorities. And it was for that reason alone that mine isn't going to have vulgarities and profanities in it. And if it does have profane language, it will definitely be masked so its still appropriate. So please, if you have the time, click on my link on the right for Redux Deluxe, or click this link provided: Click Me!!

I really hope to have this updated regularly with once a week at first then up to twice a week. Please read, support, leave comments, tell your friends, and all that jazz!!! Much appreciated!


brran1 said...

You updated Redux Deluxe?

Charles said...

Yeah man...and I'll be updating it regularly from now on. Right now its gonna be on a once a week thing, but soon as I get it down, it'll go up to twice a week or even three times a week.

Glo said...

I'm excited. I wondered why you stopped with redux deluxe... cool beans.

Tystarr said...

Yo man, that Cap pic is bananas! Theres a good few webcomics with minorities though. There is Candi, Joe!, Jefbot and lets not forget.. Twisted Comix! Google them up they're awesome.

Nashe^ said...