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Monday, July 13, 2009

Zelda on the Open Seas

When I tell people that I have "artist's ADD", I don't think people really get me. Well...I have two pictures that I need to be working on for a competition that are due sometime this month. One, I'm like 45% done, and the other roughly like 15% done. But with deadlines looming like that, I still get easily distracted and start drawing other things. Take for instance this Zelda picture. Its based upon the game Wind Waker for GameCube (the MOST slept on Zelda game ever...if it weren't so short, this would be my favorite Zelda game). The whole point of the game is that you use this magical orchestrator's wand to change the winds for you to sail on. In this picture, someone obviously from the wrong game showed up...Blooper from Super Mario Bros. I just thought it would be funny...cause...I'm weird like that. This was drawn in my 5x8 sketchpad.

Also, if not many people know, I'm open for commissions. I've done a couple so far already, and as of right now, depending on the intricacy of the drawing or sketch, I'm willing to do it for cheap, and in some instances long as you are able to post my work on your blog or website and have it linked to Illuminate Darkness. For other, bigger, more complex works, feel free to email me (email address located under the 'Contact Me' link above) or DM me on Twitta' and we can definitely work some things out from there. In some upcoming posts, I will post some recent commissions that I've done.

And like my main man always says: "Stay thirsty my friends"


grrrr said...

hahaha i love the blooper!! this is pretty awesome!

also, you still owe me a drawing or sketch from forever and a day ago. i promise to post!

Charles said...

Hey Ger!! I didn't know you were on blogger too...we coulda been bloggin' buddies this whole time. And you're absolutely right, I'm a terrible friend, I promised you a picture a while ago...and I'll get right on it. Look at it this I know photoshop, so it'll be a million times better.