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Friday, March 6, 2009

Snuggle Bear

I had to tweak my blogger template a little (read:I made a completely new template that resembles my old one very closely) because I kept getting BX errors everytime I tried to move and adjust something on my blog. So, hopefully, this one will be much cleaner and easier to work with, but there's still alot of kinks that I'm working out.

You all know the Snuggle Bear right? You don't? Well, this should help...

Well, I just made a random sketch a while ago of this skeleton in a cloak hoodie thing, and I wanted something to spice the picture up with because it was looking rather boring, and out came this. Disturbing and crude I know. The sketch was done with a Bic ball point pen using crosshatching, and then I just did some things to it digitally just to add to it.

Here's the original sketch:
And here it is again with some digital tweaking:

I'm not happy at how the bear came out, I might go back over it with stippling, but is a sketch, and its not supposed to be perfect.

This is what happens when I'm bored and there's a pen and paper lying around...


Anonymous said...

awww you killed snuggles...... (tearing....sniffing......crying OT LOUDDDDDD)

eclectik said...


LOL I love it

Reminds me of the Robot chicken episode

What's the deal fam?!


Bombchell said...

[gasp] my snuggle bear!! lol thats my fav softner ever

brran1 said...


I peeped the blog entry after this that doesn't allow comments, and I definitely have to say...SCREW READERS AND SUPPORT. DO IT FOR YOURSELF MAN!

At the end of the day, this spot is your space to put your work out there for the masses. And if the ppl don't migrate over from your other spot, so what? Get out there and network with new folks that will come peep your spot.

Believe it or not, this blog is the inspiration behind my wanting to start my Photography Blog.

You gotta do it for yourself, man.

Charles said...

@ Oyin: He had to die sometime...right? Hahahaha...he'll be okay. Friends till the end...

@ E: I completely FORGOT about that episode. I was dying laughing when I saw that. Must google that immediately...

@ Bombchell:'ll be okay. Snuggle Bear is quite resilient...

@ Brran: Thats whats up man!! I'm glad you're gonna start a photography blog. Trust me though...its hard starting a blog about something you're passionate about and no one comes by to read or comment...and there's been many times where I just got really frustrated to the point where I wanted to close it down...
Hopefully you won't have to go through any of that though. Good luck on the blog, and let me know when you start it, cause you already have a reader.