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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Focus Shift

Having 'sketch ADHD' like I do, its hard to sit down and narrow my mind on one topic, one task, sometimes just one line. I try and take on too much, try to learn stuff too fast, and I just want things done almost as soon as I start them. I think that's my biggest flaw when it comes to sketching, artwork and anything that's related to that. My main focus at first was creating a graphic novel...but that was taking too long, so I tried to do a web comic concurrently, all while still trying to sketch on the side. It was frustrating, and doing all that work with minimal gain was even more infuriating. So, I'm taking a step back...way back...and doing what I was doing at first...just sketching. But this time, I'm going to be doing ALOT more sketching than what I was doing at first. So, from this point on, Redux Deluxe! is going on an indefinite hiatus. I still want to do it, but I can't right now and have it come out how I want it to come out. I will still post comics there spradically, but it won't be a consistent thing like I was planning. Not many people were reading it in the first place, so I'm assuming that won't be such of a big deal. And as of right now, my untitled graphic novel is on an indefinite hold as well...until I can get comfortable with exactly it is that I want to do. Ever since I came to this conclusion of taking a step back and slowing everything down, I've been more satisfied with my artwork, so I think this is exactly what I need.

Going along with this shift mantra, I'm changing this blog around. There might be some major changes as far as layout is concerned, but more subtle though will be the change in content. I just think that for right now, it will be better this way for me.

I'm focused man.

Illuminate Darkness


Anonymous said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy first.....havent heard of Ahdh

but your really good at what you do, loving the new blog too!!

miss feedmekicks* said...

i like your blog.
and i definately like that sketch.

Charles said...

@ Oyin: Thanks for commenting, it means ALOT. I can never focus on just one thing, and I'm always all over the place...

@ Miss FeedMeKicks:Thanks! I appreciate it!

Solomon said...

Good stuff Charles,

So it looks like your alot like me, letting that ADHD get in the way of accomplishing your goals.

At least you have a plan bro, I've been feelin' like I'm in a perma-funk that I can't crawl out from out of.

Nobody, not even the shrink is giving me any good advice!

Well, enough of my shit, you've got some real talent there bro, I'll be back to check you out again soon.