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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Redux Deluxe

Redux Deluxe
I've been rather busy as of late trying to get one of my projects off of the ground. I had to delve into learning CSS, PHP, and reacquaint myself with FTP launch my own website on my own domain, on my own server. So, I have a new website...which is dedicated solely to my new project...a webcomic entitled Redux Deluxe. I can't give away everything as of yet to exactly what its all about, the characters and everything else, but I can tell you that its progressing along fine. I wanted to start a comic strip in my university's newspaper, but I got an email back saying that it wasn't appropriate for the newspaper. No other explanation, just that it was inappropriate...when other people were using vulgar language and drawing stick figures and what not. So, I guess, this is like my start up of what was to be that comic that never got off the ground.

So, I made this non-cannon strip (meaning that it doesn't really change the story) to showcase what my comic will be about. Its still incomplete and alot of things will change before I make it finalized (like the text, the layout, and even the artwork...). So, let me know what you guys think, and then I'll give out the URL to my actual webcomic. Much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

i'm digging your comics.. =] love the drawings..


TheUrbanExecutive said...

dope blog check out mine hope your follow it

DetroitRockCity said...

thx for the love! i read ur comic and its hilarious! keep up the good work and ill be back soon!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Well, who cares about the school's paper. . .it is their lost.

That has to be really exciting putting together your website. I really hope that all works out for you.

Do your thing.

Simone Carlene said...

I concur. & Oh my goodness was what I said when I clicked over.


Anonymous said...

Your school has no idea what they missed out on passing on you. They have NO idea. Totally gonna kick themselves later.

I love the strip, it looks completely fantastic. The expressions on their face really nails it. You're very detailed... the waves in the hair, the partial controller shot, the doo-rag... it looks sooooo professional. The girls look great too... you really did give homechick arched eyebrows and baby hairs!!! LOL

Art/drawing is definitely ONE of your callings.

Can't wait to vist the webcomic!!