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Monday, December 23, 2013

Objects in Mirror...

I have this really bad habit of doing a lot of sketches but never coming back to them.  I mean, here we are, 7 days away from 2014, and I still have sketches from the summer that I told myself that I would turn into full illustrations.  How crazy is that?

This was also one of those that was going to forever sit in sketch purgatory.

I drew this a while ago, and it just sat there while I sketched other things.  I liked it a lot, but I just never finished it.  I saw it not too long ago, and decided to open it back up, make some alterations here and there, and add colors and inks to it.  I normally draw comic related figures or cartoons and stuff, so it was great to take a break out of the norm and draw something a little different for a change.  Plus with just about every illustration that I do, I always learn something new.

art illustration illumistrations mirror agels demons heaven hell black woman african american black art

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