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Friday, April 26, 2013

Girl On A Vespa (sketch)

I'll go out on a limb saying that about 80% of my art is re-imagined fanart of existing characters...which is cool I guess.  And since leaving AwesomeCon, I've been looking up other conventions (smaller ones...hey, you gotta crawl before you walk), and I stumbled across an anime convention that is pretty local that I'm going to go to.  But one of the requirements for being an artist in the artist's alley was that only 50% of the work that you display can be fanart, and the other has to be original.  If I was still working on my webcomic, I wouldn't have an issue with that, because that is what I would show, but currently I'm not.  And just about all of my recent stuff has been fanart.

So, I have to diversity.

And I have no problems with that at all.  I like drawing other random things that have nothing to do with comics or cartoons at all.

black woman female african american sketch vespa

I hope that this turns out awesome when I finally get around to coloring/inking this so it can be a great print.

As far as my webcomic goes, I still love everything about Redux Deluxe, and I'm still going to do it, just in a completely different format with a slightly reworked story.  I mean, not everything I do has to be pinups and prints, right?

Without Wax,


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