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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samus Aran, The Bounty Hunter

Finally!!  I put this one off far too long.  I actually wanted to do much more with the background and experiment with it a little bit, but my laptop was having no parts of that.  I can't get more ram soon enough, sheesh.

samus aran metroid african american black nintendo zero suit
Also, if you aren't following me yet on Tumblr, I'm currently doing a giveaway to two lucky winners: the grand prize winner will get 10 FREE prints from me of the best illustrations I've done all year, while second place will win 5.  Not too shabby.  You can enter by either reblogging my contest post, or liking my Illumistrations page on Facebook.  I mean, seriously though, this is stuff you should've done already, now there's just an incentive to do so.  Ha!

On to the next one...

Without Wax,


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