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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tumbl With Me

Lately I've been slacking on this blog...I guess that's really not a secret. I need to get back into updating this one more frequently, especially considering that this is pretty much the only blog that I try to maintain on a pretty decent schedule. But...I do have another blog...on Tumblr. You can check that one out, because I update that one rather frequently....and artwork generally gets posted on there like within an hour after I'm finished. And I post sketches on there some times...which I never do pretty much elsewhere.

Okay, now that the wall of text is over...on to the pictures! First, I finished that Cleopatra sketch that I posted in my previous with colors!

And my favorite Transformer, Soundwave. I never really noticed this until I was drawing it, but Soundwave's head is pretty much the Decepticon logo...

I guess I'm getting better at these Transformer pictures...which is making me to seriously reconsider redrawing all of the older ones I've done.

And my favorite meteorologist...Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men.

So, then I was thinking, that there is a serious lack of good African American super heroes/heroines in comics in general. I mean, aside from a select few, the rest are pretty crap...and have ridiculous stereotypes. So, to fix that, I decided to re-imagine some super heroes as being African American. And the first was Batgirl:

And then I thought...why just stop at super heroes...why not just do other pop culture things like cartoons as well...and then this Scooby Doo picture came out. Its still unfinished, but I thought that I'd post it regardless:

And the others; Rogue, Wonder Woman, and Black Canary:

And I still have stuff thats sitting on my hard drive and sketch pad. I'm loving this sudden rush of creativity. And follow me on Tumblr and leave messages...and I'll be sure to return the favor!!

*EDIT* I can't believe that I forgot to post my African American Power Puff Girls piece!!!

Without Wax,


12kyle said...

Sup fam? Just checkin on you. Haven't seen you on the twitter in a minute. LOL

12kyle said...

Happy BDay, bruh. Enjoy the day

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Thanks for the BDay wishes Kyle!!