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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Self Interpretation

I drew this 'self portrait' of myself because I was going to use it for something, and now, I just completely lost interest in what I was planning on using it for. Its a shame really. Well, I liked how it came out anyways, and I thought that I might as well post it here so that i can be seen hopefully. Its just me, surrounded by things that I use often or mean a lot to my calculator, music, my mp3 player, my laptop...and of course video game related paraphernalia. Also there's some art related things thrown in there for good measure, just in case people can't make the correlation that I like to draw often in my spare time....OFTEN. Oh, and I have no idea where the Infinity Gems or the Ironman hand really relates...but I thought it would be cool. And as always, clicking on the image will show it in its full higher resolution glory.

Without Wax,


B.Good said...

Nice! I like how everything is "floating" around you, and the background detail is crazy! It looks digitally enhanced or something, doesn't look like its drawn out. You are truly talented.

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Hey B. Good!! Yeah I thought about drawing the background out by hand, but I wound up doing it all digitally. Unfortunately, doing that definitely took a toll on my eyes and gave me a headache. But it was all worth it for the end result. Glad you stopped by!!