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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 and Beyond.

When I first started this blog back in what...August of 2008 (wow, its been that long already) I just mainly wanted to do it as a real place to post artwork other than my other blog, which wasn't about artwork at all. And then I thought that maybe I could meet and collaborate with other artists and stuff on here. And while at first everything was very frustrating, I think that posting my work here on blogger has made me a better artist, and also forced me to do things that I normally wouldn't do while I was just drawing for myself.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with art when I first started to take it seriously. I just knew that I wanted to meet other artists to learn from them and possibly work with them. And while I'm still far off from being where I want to be, I know (and can visibly tell) that I've grown alot artistically in that short amount of time. I didn't even know where to begin as far as digital coloring in 2008...and I was coming off a huuuge absence from picking up a pencil and drawing anything seriously. So, I've decided to set some goals for myself this year and from here on out, to maintain and stick to, as well as just using it as a road guide so I don't ever get lost again.

1.) I definitely want to get published this calendar year...whether its being picked up by an actual publisher, or being self published...or both. I want my graphic novel to be published (hopefully by a publisher *fingers crossed*) and I'll be self publishing a sketch book later on in the year. And I really hope that both of them turn out to be successes.

2.) I plan on drawing more...and more seriously. I still sketch, but not as often as I should. And I don't really push myself as much as I know I should.

3.) Get these commissions off the ground!! Lets face it, art supplies don't pay for themselves. I need to find a dedicated source of income art wise...that doesn't interfere with other things.

4.) Have a 'real' studio...or work place. If you see the way that I do things now, you would be amazed that I can do some of the things that I do. Its really sad. I need a dedicated workstation to do things at and get things organized.

5.) Fill up at least 3 sketchbooks. I have a mini sketchbook that I used for pen sketches...but I got away from it. I need to go back to it, and just sketch away in my art downtime.

6.) Go to a convention. I can't market myself magically and through the ether. I need to put myself out there and see if some editors are willing to see my stuff...and there's no better way to do that than at a convention. Who knows, maybe other people will love Redux Deluxe too!!

There are definitely others, but those are the main things that I need to get handled and tackle relatively soon.

And I don't want to make an art blog post without any art...that would be just silly :-).

So, below is something that I drew not too long ago, my rendition of Alice in Wonderland. And also a work in progress commission for a friend of mine for his hip hop site. Gotta stay busy!!

Alice in Wonderland

Without Wax,


♥ CG ♥ said...

Hey Charles! You know how I fees...your work is phenomenal and needs to be seen by the masses. Holla if there's support I can provide on this end. Will be checking on ya :-)

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Aww thanks!!! I seriously appreciate it!

Brothers Blog said...

Yo! Man I am just seeing that you put the Lyric 2 Go logo on your site. The end design turned out dope. So Glad I commissioned you for the work. Site wouldn't be the same without your work/help. All your work displays your endless talent, so keep it up. And Let's get to working on these t-shirts in the very near future!!