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Monday, December 20, 2010

You're As Cold As Ice...

One of my favorite villains from Batman the Animated Series will forever be Victor Fries. He's sort of a tragic character. All he wanted to do was cryogenically freeze his wife so that a cure for her disease could be found in the future. But nooooo, his employer pulled the plug on his project in the midst of his freezing of his wife, some chemicals blew up, hijinks ensued, and now we have a bitter cold person who is unable to have feelings in his cold cold heart. Sad really. And then he goes on an arctic rampage. Thats how these things go. But what really made me feel for the guy though, was in the cartoon Batman Beyond, he was given a 'second chance', but they screwed him over again. Just let this sad man live. Dang. So in the cold spirit of Christmas, here's a quick sketch that I colored of Victor Fries, aka, Mr. Freeze.

Stay frosty.

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