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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Super Girl Process (Continued)

Here's more coloring process on the previous Supergirl picture...and it also marks my first time creating an animated gif image, so yay me!

The first step is the flatted picture (with a corrected Super 'S' logo). The second step is the shadow stage. I do this before doing highlights because it adds volume to the picture and gives me a better idea of how things are going to flow and lets me see problem areas ahead of time.

Step 3 is the basic highlights, where I set the light source. I also add depth to her skin like blush to her face, and tan everywhere else. The final step is where I add the rest of the details, like doing secondary light sources (which unfortunately at this resolution you can't really see except under her breasts and arms), color holds on lines...and warming the drawing with an overlay layer.

That's pretty much my process for coloring most of my stuff. This picture is in no way shape or form completed though, because I have to go back and add in a background and make sure that it looks okay and works and all that jazz. Fun stuff. I'll be sure to post that as well.

Without Wax,

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