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Monday, April 26, 2010

Supergirl WIP

Its hard trying to find time to do drawings that aren't directly related to my webcomic because whenever I find time to actually draw, I'm trying to devote most of my time to making Redux Deluxe the best that it can be. So, I finished 3 pages ahead of schedule just so that I can draw something entirely different. So, here it version of Supergirl. Its not done right now (very far from it), but I thought that I would chronicle my progress and let you see how a simple line drawing turns into a full illustration.

Basically, right now, its just the underdrawing. Its done on basic computer paper (because I'm cheap) and inked with a Uniball pen and a Sharpie marker for added line weight (again, because I'm cheap). Then I lay down flat colors just to get things right. These hues may not be the final hues at all, because I may adjust them in photoshop to get the continuity and mood that I'm looking for. Right now, I want her to be flying, maybe through the clouds at sunset or something...or that may change too. Who knows...lets just see how I feel and go with the flow.

Make sure to check back periodically throughout the week to see the progress!!

Without Wax,


Mike "Ki Gen" Suazo said...

Your SuperGirl really came out great! Loving the colors and the way the color came out.

Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Thanks. I thought about changing the hues slightly, but I liked the way they were looking when I added shadows.